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Monday, February 4, 2008

New Chef/Catering Directory for Jet Charter Industry!

Are you a chef, caterer, pastry chef, party planner, gift basket creator, vintner or a food industry insider? How would you like to directly market your business to a high-end, exclusive audience? How would you like to get your delicious and delightful food, gifts or beverages onto private jets and "wow" musicians and bands, movie stars, entertainment industry insiders, CEOs, high-flying businesspeople and others who charter jets or own personal jets?

We have the perfect vehicle for you to advertise and grow your business! is a first-of-a-kind online directory of chefs, caterers, pastry chefs, vintners and other food and beverage artisans! We have a database of thousands of decision-makers in the jet charter industry and jet owners. This database grows daily and represents the full spectrum of the jet charter industry!

With your listing in the exclusive directory, you will be put in front of charter brokers, aircraft owners, pilots, flight attendants, travel agents and other jet charter industry insiders. This gives you the ability to communicate your business across the country, and very soon world-wide! You will advertise your business to top professionals who make food, wine and catering decisions not only for jet charter, but for large parties, red carpet entertainment events, corporate events and much more! Your inclusion in this directory will truly be one of the best marketing and advertising decisions you can make!

We currently have over 800 FAA Airport Identifier Codes represented on This includes airports across the nation, from regional airports to international airports. We are adding more every day, and will expand into Canada, Mexico and other countries around the world.

As we are in the launch mode of this one-of-a-kind directory, we have some amazing subscription rates that make Jet-Chef an easy way for you to invest in an innovative marketing tool! A small investment will reap huge rewards in front of this audience! Below are the subscription rates, prices are available until April 1, 2008! Act now for the best pricing available!

Basic Subscription:
$25.00 for ONE Airport Identifier Code Listing
$150.00 for a 6-month subscription

Advanced Subscription:
$50.00 for THREE Airport Indentifier Code Listings (16.66/IAC)
$300.00 for a 6-month subscription

Premium Subscription:
$75.00 for SIX Airport Indentifier Code Listings (12.50/IAC)
$450.00 for 6-month subscription

Your listing on will include a link with your logo or banner. (Customized banner creation is also available for a nomimal fee, please inquire!) You can also include menu information, posting your specialties, with mouth-watering pictures! You can create your listing, or we can provide that assistance, at no additional charge. Your listing will be online in 24 hours or less!

We will be heavily advertising this directory with press releases, monthly newsletters to industry-insiders, ad words, blogs, forums, representation at important Jet Charter/Jet Industry trade shows and much more. Why pay for all of that yourself, and do all of that time-consuming marketing when we will do it for you?!

Get on the inside flight path to high-flying success by advertising your business directly to the the jet charter industry!

Contact Kelly Alvarez today at or 949.842.1849 to set up your listing on Jet-Chef!

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