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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Catering to the Jet Charter Industry Right For Me?

Day in and day out as I am talking and emailing with some of the most talented and creative personal chefs and caterers across the US (and now beyond our borders!) I am often asked, "Is catering to the jet charter industry right for me?".

A recent article in AINonline (Aviation International News) written by Kirby J. Harrison helps to answer many of the questions that I am asked, and here are just a few highlights:

* There are now organizations that specifically train culinary courses for the private jet/jet charter industry.

* Expecations in the industry are at an all-time high, so caterers and personal chefs who offer diverse, unique menu items are going to be in demand. Organic food items, menus focused on healthy, fresh items are in favor, and ethnic foods are gaining in popularity.

* Pricing can widely vary, based off of your market and your offerings. If you offer something that no one else offers, you have a specific angle on the market that your peers/colleagues do not!

* Often, flight attendants will schedule the inflight service, and have very specific questions regarding presentation, packaging and food safety.

* In the past decade, general aviation turbine fleet has DOUBLED, and the number of hours flown from 1994 to 2005 has grown from 2.3 million to 4.8 million! So many caterers/personal chefs in this industry expect DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH INCREASES!

I have a link to the article for your convenience under "Jet-Chef Resources". Please feel free to contact me at for an expanded version of the article, including additional graphics.

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