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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chefs with a Social Conscious: Eclectic Soul, LLC

As a consumer, I often research how a company does business, including their commitment to the community around them, the community at large, and their philanthropic achievements. I often choose do to business with a certain company over another based off of this viewpoint.

I am proud to say that I have seen in many of the Jet-Chef members that the Personal Chefs and Caterers also give back to the community around them. One such Personal Chef is Leslie Woodward of Eclectic Soul, LLC, based in New York City. You can also find her Eclectic Soul listing on

In her own words, from the Eclectic Soul website: "Eclectic Soul LLC is a multi-tiered social organization founded by Leslie Woodward. Through the organization, Leslie will use her culinary and nutritional expertise to target the health disparities in communities of color, while creating resources to reduce hunger in South Africa. Programs will be developed in South Africa to support local farms in providing produce and creating meal and grocery services for those that are in outlying, underserved communities.

The goal is to make whole foods available and accessible in underserved communities, both locally and abroad. The Eclectic Soul organization will use a portion of Leslie's profits to support local cooking classes in high schools throughout the New York area. The classes will educate youth on the importance of eating whole and nutrient dense diets to eliminate nutrient deficient diseases.

Leslie's goals for Eclectic Soul are already underway. In June she traveled to South Africa to establish relationships and gather ideas and resources. In addition, through her work with the Food & Finance High School in lower Manhattan, she has laid the groundwork for a successful after-school program. When partnering with Leslie for your next social event, or nutrition plan, you will be helping her give back to these deserved communities."

Chef Leslie's philosophy is simple: “I believe in using the freshest and finest ingredients available within season — quality is of the utmost importance. I am dedicated to providing the most creative, delicious, healthy food and increasing the availability and accessibility of healthier options within various communities.”

Chef Leslie also has a very holistic manner in her Personal Chef Services with a focus on nutrition and wellness. Her website states that: "Comprehensive nutritional programs are customized to meet individual health needs and concerns. The primary focus is on preventive health care, and how to choose the right kinds of foods and nutritional supplements to support and heal the body. The program will put you on the path to obtaining optimum health!"

And the Eclectic Soul menu options to help you achieve such goals are mouth-watering just to read! Just a snapshot of one menu for cocktail parties or appetizers:

• pulled bbq pork on cornbread blini with sautéed collard greens & leeks
• eight cheese macaroni & cheese on baguette toast
• fried green tomato lollipops & fried okra lollipops with remoulade sauce
• plantain chips topped with rice & peas, curried lamb, & micro greens
• plantain chips with black-eyed pea salsa
• deviled quail eggs on rye with boursin
• fried chicken drumettes with curried gravy dipping sauce

So, when work with Chef Leslie with Eclectic Soul, you not only get fantastic and healthy food options, you are also helping her to give back to her immediate community, and the global community. What an amazing way to help yourself and help others!

You can contact Chef Leslie at the Eclectic Soul, LLC website or via email at Please let her know that you saw her on!!!

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