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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Trends

According to several online and print sources that I have read recently, including one of my favorites, Cooking Light Magazine, there are a few food trends that are also becoming trends in the aviation catering industry!

Flexitarianism: Flexitarianism is a primarily plant-based diet with occastion protein from sources such as lean meat, fish, poultry and dairy. According to the American Dietetic Association, as many as 1/4 of Americans are Flexitarianists, as they are preparing and consuming meatless meals about 4 days a week!

Many requests for inflight catering fit this bill, cheese and cracker platters, fruit and veggie platters and even seafood platters make for light "snacking" type meals that are easy to serve and easy to consume. Smaller and lighter meal options help travelers stick to their diets and still keep them energized!

Organic Foods: Organic is a huge trend, even at my favorite grocery store at least 1/3 of the produce area has transitioned into organic produce! While many consumers find organic produce to be expensive, it is great to invest in the items that are most affected with higher concentration of pesticides.

Here is a list from

Nectarines – 97.3% of nectarines sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Celery – 94.5% of celery sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Pears – 94.4% of pears sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Peaches – 93.7% of peaches sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Apples – 91% of apples sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Cherries – 91% of cherries sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Strawberries – 90% of strawberries sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Imported Grapes – 86% of imported grapes (i.e. Chile) sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Spinach – 83.4% of spinach sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Potatoes – 79.3% of potatoes sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Bell Peppers – 68% of bell peppers sampled were found to contain pesticides.
Red Raspberries – 59% of red raspberries sampled were found to contain pesticides.

So, while affordability is a factor, spending a bit more on these produce items will pay off in longterm health benefits!

Here is a great guide to experimenting with your own Organic Gardens!

Click here to find out more about this great guide!

Many clients are asking about and for organic elements in their inflight catering, and this trend will continue to grow as organic product becomes more and more accessible.

Locally Grown Foods/Produced Foods: Many consumers are turning to local farms and farmers markets for their produce, cheeses, breads, etc. For produce, from the time it is picked to the time you are choosing it in a local grocery store produce bin, that produce has traveled over 1500 miles for an average of 4-7 days! In that time, produce loses much of its nutrients, and often, at least to my palate, much of its taste!

Consumers find fresher produce and food products when buying locally, and often find varieties and variations that are uncommon and interesting. Buying direct can help impact pricing, and you can make specific requests for unique varieties of produce from a local farmer or supplier that a produce manager of a grocery store chain may not be able to accomodate.

For inflight catering it is equally important to factor in freshness and variety. For a fresh fruit platter, it would be exciting to add different varieties of apples, pears, and other fruit offerings. This brings new colors, tastes and separates you from the competition! Clients flying private jets and chartering jets are sophisticated food enthusiasts, and you will build true client loyalty by offering unique, healthy and delicious selections!

For more questions or input on inflight catering trends, feel free to contact me at or toll-free at 1-877-774-1255!


Nora said...

very nice blog and pictures!

GrayEyedScorpio said...

OMG! I'm now convinced that organic DOES matter. We only buy certain produce and dairy items that are organic, but that's about to change.