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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Private Jet Sales Soaring!

According to a recent Business Week article (August 4, 2008), the sales of private jets are soaring!

Many potential members have asked me how the private jet and jet charter industries are fairing with the recent skyrocketing prices of fuel, and challenging economic times in the US. Indeed, over the last year, jet fuel prices have increased some 80%! We have all heard the issues and challenges coming out of the commercial airline industry, including layoffs, grounding planes, rising costs to flying consumers and an aging fleet.

However, private jet sales to the wealthy continue to flourish! In fact, according to the Business Week article, analysts forecast 8% to 10% annual growth through 2010! Who is fueling this increase? The growing ranks of millionaires in emerging markets and in Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

With the continued growth in the private jet industry, there will be continued growth in the industries serving private jet owners! This certainly includes in flight catering, personal chef services in major metro markets and vacation destinations and restaurants for travelers in unfamiliar cities. is a unique "find it fast" directory that assists private jet owners and those that maintain their travel schedules to find the very best caterers, personal chefs, restaurateurs, florists and more!

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