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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food Banks Need You!

At this time of the year, so many of us take the time to give thanks for the wonderful things that so many of us have in our lives. We may be thankful for our health, for our home, for the feast on our table, for our jobs. Those of us behind feel incredibly thankful this holiday season.

It is with that thankful spirit that we urge you to give to your local food banks. Many food banks are at all time lows in food inventory. In Los Angeles, Jackson Limousine Company conducted it's 21st annual "Turkey Dinner Giveaway" on Tuesday, November 25th. The organizer, Ed Jackson, apparently planned to give away about 5-8,000 turkeys. Last I heard they had over 10,000 people line up for blocks for those turkeys. I was shocked to hear in another news broadcast that ONE in EIGHT Americans are on the brink of hunger. In America? How can this be?

On a local news channel a journalist interviewed some of the people waiting in line. Those folks were you and me. Not the poor that we somehow imagine being very distant from our everyday lives. These were solidly "middle class" people whose lives have been upended with job loses, devastating health care costs, rising mortgage rates, and the increases in the cost of everyday living. One woman commented that a year ago she would never have imagined standing in that very line. What a difference a year makes. is dedicated to giving to our local food banks, and we would like to partner with you. Please post your commitment on this blog, and we will do everything in our power to match it. If you can give six cans, we will give six cans. Share your pictures with us, your experiences in volunteering at a local food bank or holiday dinner. For those of us with so much, the very best holiday gift we can give is that to help our neighbor, lend a helping hand, ease someone's burden. Even the smallest effort can reap the greatest reward. Thank you for your commitment to donating to your local food banks this holiday season.

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i saw a bunch of food banks in ca