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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hot Holiday Trend: Small Portions, Luxurious Items

One of the holiday food trends that we have been following is to offer smaller portions of interesting and luxurious foods. This addresses a variety of needs for both host and guest. For the host, they can offer smaller portions for cost control, avoid food waste, and truly introduce themselves and their guests to a totally different cuisine experience. For the guest, they can try to still watch portion control over the holidays and sample a variety of different choices and find new cuisines.

Perfect options for this trend?

Have a tapas cocktail party! Tapas are a great way to have small portions of a variety of tastes, textures and new food items that your guests may never have tried before! You can serve fantastic wines with tapas, make sangria that soaks with fruit for days (and even create spritzers to lighten up the alchohol content!) and offer small plates to your guests to sample a variety of appetizer-sized entrees.

Have a cheese-tasting party! Here is the perfect reason to finally purchase some of the rare artisan cheeses you have been longing to try for a long time! In my family, we are cheese lovers, and my niece, Sophia, even has a great label for most of our favorite cheeses, "Stinky Cheeses". So, get a variety of "Stinky Cheeses", and some not-so "Stinky Cheeses" and provide interesting crackers, breads, tostini, even a wonderful variety of fruit spreads (like fig!), dried fruits and more to pair with the cheeses.

Have a "Just Desserts" party! This is a great opportunity to try some of the amazing artisan chocolate creations out there (I really want to try a Chipotle Chili Chocolate I recently read about!) dark chocolates, and chocolates with exotic flavors and spices. A little goes a long way with this kind of party, and you can even include a hot chocolate "bar" for your guests that don't have a designated driver! Small desserts are all the rage, like fantastic cupcakes or even small bite-sized cheesecakes with holiday accents like pomegranate.

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