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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three Reason Jet-Chef Members Should Cook For YOU this Holiday Season!

As the Holidays approach, many of us anticipate hosting parties small and large with friends, family, colleagues or neighbors. Here are just three reasons you should contact a member today to assist you with your Holiday Party Planning needs:

1. Less Work in the kitchen = More time to enjoy the Holidays! One commodity that we cannot buy more of is TIME. Who among us has ever wished for just another few hours, even an extra day or two around the busy Holiday Season? Visit Jet-Chef and you can easily find a Personal Chef, Caterer or Restaurant who can help you with much, if not all, of the work that goes into cooking and party planning! Are you simply looking for someone to do the major cooking for you, while you cook your specialty side dishes? Or, are you looking for someone to do it all from shopping, to cooking to set up to clean up? Visit to find a member who will fit your needs!

We also have members who are florists, gift basket creators, pastry artists and chocolate creators! They can assist you with floral arrangements for your events, corporate and personal gift-giving and making your holiday event truly special. Visit Jet-Chef and use our extensive keyword search to find a variety of members with vast talents!

2. Find Holidays Adventures with a different cuisine or a special theme food event. Most of us simply don't have the resources and time to plan a special event, but dream of having that one dinner party, cocktail party or holiday meal that becomes a legend! Find a personal chef that specializes in Tapas, and you have the next hot Tapas and Cocktail Party that everyone will rave about for years to come! Been tempted to try tamales? Find a member on Jet-Chef that will do all of the work for you to try a new, exciting regional cuisine. Sushi for Thanksiving? Jet-Chef has members who can make any Holiday meal fantasy a reality! What a wonderful way to "travel" the world this holiday season, without leaving your home!

Many people are health-conscious, including during the Holiday Season. Visit Jet-Chef to locate chefs and caterers who specialize in healthy cuisines, cooking for a variety of health concerns, including gluten-free, vegetarian and more. In addition, for those who are focused on organic food, locally sourced food and "green" caterers and personal chefs. Jet-Chef has the perfect chef for a wide variety of cuisines and health conscious specialties!

3. Out of town for business or pleasure for the Holidays. Visit to find a fantastic new restaurant in an unfamiliar city. Find a personal chef that can create a magical meal for you and your family, even providing personal chef services to you and your family in your vacation home. Many of us travel over the holidays, and still want to create memorable meals and memories. Let a member help make this an extra special Holiday Vacation for you and your family!

If you are flying via private jet, ensure that your catering is provided by a member. Simply inform your flight crew, your charter operator, or go to Jet-Chef to find a member that can assist you with all of your in flight catering needs for your holiday flying!

With over 300 members and growing day to day, can help you find the perfect professional to make your Holidays a very special event while you are traveling, or at home! Go to and search by keyword, airport identifier code, city, state or A-Z search.

Are you a Personal Chef, Caterer, Restaurant or other business owner that would like to be part of the Jet-Chef success story? has transcended in flight catering to include a variety of options for anyone who loves food, from anywhere, at any time! Just visit today to submit your registration, or contact us via email at or toll-free at 1-877-774-1255 for more information!

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