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Saturday, January 3, 2009

January is National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month! With so many of us crafting (and now implementing!) New Year's Resolutions to get healthier and even lose weight, Hot Tea can be a great way to kick start those goals!

From an earlier blog post (click HERE to read the entire post), I put a spotlight on how wonderful green tea can be for your health, heart health and even fitness and weight loss goals!

I have found that one of my favorite resources for tea is Adagio Teas. You can find an amazing variety of teas, and even purchase different "sets" of teas to experiment with different flavors. Click on the image below to discover such a variety in one of Adagio's Tea Chests.

Adagio Teas

Adagio also offers a fantastic "Introduction to Gourmet Tea" set for $19! A small investment with long-term health benefits!

Adagio Teas

Adagio also has amazing accessories to enhance your tea experience. Click on any of these images to find the perfect accessory to further enjoy National Hot Tea Month!

Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas

I hope that you find Adagio to be as wonderful as a tea resource as I do! They carry so many interesting and hard-to-find teas, they are sure to have something perfect for you. And, don't forget, tea makes a fantastic gift for birthdays or any gift-giving opportunity!

Please feel free to leave comments or let me know if you have any special hot tea recipes or resources that you would like to share with during National Hot Tea Month!

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