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Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Member Spotlight: Mr. Cecil's California Ribs

Being that January is officially National Meat Month, what better way to celebrate than with some mouth-watering barbeque?! Member Mr. Cecil's California Ribs is just the place to get your fill of barbeque if you are in or traveling to the Southern California area! Mr. Cecil's California Ribs is located in West Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, click on either listing for contact details!

Chef/Owner Jonathan Burrows opened the first Mr. Cecil’s in July, 2000. He is a film producer by (original) profession and began by producing theatre – Broadway and off-Broadway – in the mid-sixties. By the time he moved to Los Angeles in 1990, he had worked on eighteen major films, most of which you’ve heard of, with producing credits on two.

Barbeque crosses all ethnic, social and economic boundaries and there exist many regional barbeque styles in the United States: Memphis, Texas, Kansas City-style, bbq from the deep south, and elsewhere. Now, California has its’ own. Jonathan Burrows of MR. CECIL’S CALIFORNIA RIBS, an upscale Los Angeles ribs restaurant, has come up with a unique, California style of cooking. He takes western American barbeque, adds a slight Asian influence, then infuses California freshness and the highest quality ingredients (organic chicken, vegetables, etc) along with a menu that includes several kinds of fish and salads.

This all reflects California’s ethnic/social melting pot and its reputation for innovative, health conscious, creative cooking. Further, at Mr. Cecil’s the sauce is mostly important in its absence, or perhaps more accurately, in its purely secondary role. Jonathan says “I value the unadorned flavor of the meat and as we have nothing to hide the sauce is served strictly on the side”.

Whether you are planning a small casual party or a larger, more formal event, Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs can provide you with everything from simple delivery to full service catering including on site cooking, servers, tableware and equipment (chafing dishes, bbq grills, etc.). All of their regular menu items are available to you, or you may choose one of the catering packages which include our most popular menu items and are designed to fit most tastes and budgets. If you have special menu requests they will be happy to design a menu for you.

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