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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Spotlight Member: Meals on Heels shines their spotlight on one of its members: Meals on Heels!

Meals on Heels is the Premier Personal Chef Delivery Service on the Main Line in Philadelphia Pennsylvania!

Meals on Heels caters to the needs of those on ‘special diets’. Whether you are on Weight Watchers or another commercial diet, are a Vegetarian/Vegan, or have a dietary issue such as Celiac Disease, or Diabetes, Meals on Heels will make the food that’s right for you.

With Meals on Heels as your personal chef:

· They will create an individualized menu based on your personal tastes and needs

· You choose the entrées you would like to have delivered to you

· All entrées are packaged in microwave safe containers and labeled with all of the nutrition information and heating instructions

· Everything is prepared right in their own commercial kitchen

· Entrées will be delivered conveniently right to your home or office!

Catering menus and options are also available including fantastic hors d'oeuvres, handcrafted soups, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, specialty salads, and so much more. Meals on Heels would be happy to honor any special requests for items that you do not already see on their catering menu.

The chef behind Meals on Heels, Lila Jai, grew up in her grandmother’s kitchen and was immersed at a very young age in the art of cooking. She apprenticed with her uncle, who was a locally renowned chef and owned a successful gourmet catering business. She took her love and passion for cooking with her when she went off to college. Even though she was studying to become a behavioral therapist, she fantasized about attending culinary school and would cook for her whole floor of dorm-mates. She eventually combined her love of cooking with her humanitarian spirit and began volunteering in the kitchen at Project Home, an organization in Philadelphia that assists individuals suffering from homelessness. After 5 years of experience working with special needs children as a Behavioral Therapist, Lila decided to resign from the human services field and once again began to dream about what it might be like to become a chef.

Chef Lila Jai is now working on her Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition and is attending classes at the Restaurant School. She is finally manifesting her dreams into a passionate culinary reality and has started her own personal chef business. Her creative and health conscious meals are enjoyed by many, especially catering to the needs of clients on special diets (including Weight Watchers, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and those with Celiac Disease).

Contact Meals on Heels today for your Personal Chef and Catering Services in the Philadelphia area!

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