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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today is National Irish Coffee Day!

Today is National Irish Coffee Day! Here is a fun fact about the origins of Irish Coffee, courtesy of Wikipedia, "The original Irish coffee was invented by Joseph Sheridan, a head chef at Foynes, County Limerick. Foynes' port was the precursor to Shannon International Airport in the west of Ireland; the coffee was conceived after a group of American passengers disembarked from a Pan Am flying boat on a miserable winter evening in the 1940s. Sheridan added whiskey to the coffee to warm the passengers. After the passengers asked if they were being served Brazilian coffee, Sheridan told them it was Irish coffee." Lucky passengers!

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Then, "Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, brought Irish coffee to the United States after drinking it at Shannon Airport, when he worked with the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco to start serving it on November 10, 1952,[3][4] and worked with the bar owners Jack Koeppler and George Freeberg to recreate the Irish method for floating the cream on top of the coffee, sampling the drink one night until he nearly passed out". Anyone want to help me sample some Irish Coffees?!

Here is a video tutorial on making Irish Coffee:

And here is a recipe from, courtesy of Bushmills Irish Whiksey!

Bushmills Irish Coffee


Serves 1

1 measure of Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey
2 teaspoons demerara sugar
strong black coffee
Extra Thick Whipping cream
Warm Glass


To warm the glass - place teaspoon in glass and add boiling water.

Empty out hot water.

Add measure of Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Add sugar & stir

Add strong black coffee - til about ¾ full

Pour the whipping cream over the back of a warm teaspoon (teaspoon should be just above the level of the coffee)

This ensures that the cream floats on the coffee!

To gain the best enjoyment from your Bushmills Irish Coffee the cream should not be stirred into the coffee but should be suspended on the top of it.

The coffee should then be sipped through the creamy head! Slainte to you and yours!

As always, urges moderation (no sampling these Irish Coffees like that travel writer!) and that if you have Irish Coffee while out on the town, please select a designated driver!

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